We turn:

• Aluminum
• Plastic
• Steel
• Stainless steel
• Brass
• Copper
• Red metal

The 3D model of a CAD file is shifted to automated production, and the machine produces the desired prototype piece or produces a large series repeatedly and with high quality. However, the role of the machine as a producer of quality is not enough for us. We guarantee security of supply, for example, with a buffer stock of raw materials, proactive maintenance of machines, and uncomplicated communication. Our automated production is cost-effective. The price includes personal service.

Guaranteed turning quality and controlled capacity

Our experience ensures a final result that corresponds to your order. Robots and turning centers do their part when they have been taken care of. We inspect and service the machines even before the sharpest quality is lost. Therefore, our production is not machine-bound. You receive the same high machining quality regardless of the machine: for a larger order batch, several lathes are available, or for an additional order, we arrange a resource from one of the six turning centers for your express order.

In addition to inspecting the functional condition of the machines, we of course also check the quality of the product. We measure the critical dimensions of the piece as a sample, so you get exactly what you ordered. If necessary, we will deliver the measurement records to you and archive all documents to guarantee later traceability. 

Our quality thinking also includes tips and guidance from our experts. For example, in the production of turned parts, if we notice any defects in them, we will advise you on the tolerance, surface treatment and visual requirements of the products.

With our certifications and experience, combined with an expert but relaxed approach, we can say: don’t worry, we will deliver high-quality products to you on time.

We help you:

  • in the selection of materials
  • with the details of key planning information
  • in the post-processing options
  • assembly
  • in the storage of a larger production batch
  • with partial deliveries on the desired schedule to the desired place

The best turning methods

To fulfill your turning order, we have six turning centers that also have the option of milling. How the machining can ultimately be done in the most efficient and high-quality way is not your concern. Based on your plan, we present an implementation method. For example, the same machine can be used to realize threading and precise fitting surfaces by turning and milling a hex head into the same piece. In the case of turning a product you have in your product development, it is a good idea to contact us already in the planning phase. We can assist you with the critical measures needed for the plan and help you select the materials or efficiently achieve any other properties.

The piece in our turning center can be 5–350 mm in diameter. Typically, the pieces we machine are in the category of “manually lifted” size. Production sets are individual prototype pieces in the product development phase or sets of thousands of pieces. In the latter case, we usually also take care of assembly and deliveries of the batches requested by the customer to the desired address.

The benefits you receive with our turning service:

  • controlled uniformity of products
  • personal service
  • security of supply: production does not depend on one single machine
  • expert guidance for the design phase
  • the batch size may vary from prototypes to high-volume batches
  • logistics management on your behalf: storage, delivery batches to the destination as agreed